Outrigger pads

Supporting baseplates made from 50 mm birch plywood are versatile and durable. By using ready-made base plates, you ensure safer lifting operations. Our base plates are robust and long-lasting.

  • Standard color is red, otherwise according to the order.
  • Treated with wood preservative.
  • Metal plates at the corners, where company logos can be ordered.
  • We also manufacture base plates according to customer preferences, with alternative thicknesses of 30, 40, and 50 mm.
  • For particularly heavy-duty applications, we can manufacture special thick base plates, for example, by through-bolting.
  • Special sizes available
Ota yhteyttä myyntiin
Title Size (mm)
TUKI400 400x400
TUKI500 500x500
TUKI600 600x600
TUKI700 700x700
TUKI750 750x750
TUKI800 800x800
TUKI900 900x900
TUKI1000 1000x1000
TUKI1200 1200x1200

The base plates are fully customizable. As a standard feature, the base plate comes with a lifting wire on one side. Shapes or perforations can also be CNC-milled into the plates. Lifting wires can also be added to desired sides. If the support base plate sinks into the ground, the plastic-coated wires of the carrying handles remain upright, allowing the base plate to be lifted.

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