fire-rated inspection hatch EI30, non-hinged

The hatch is installed in the structure with suitable fasteners and the cover is attached to the frame with magnets. The uncontrollable opening of the cover is ensured by means of a wire attached to the frame, the other end of which is locked to the hanger equipment at the back of the cover.

  • Material hot-dip galvanized steel
  • Powder-coated RAL9010, structure matt white
  • Special sizes available
  • Special colors available
  • "The Key Flag symbol" (Made in Finland)
  • Thickness only 40 mm from the installation surface
  • Type approval certificate for vertical lightweight and concrete structure
  • Sound insulation (dB) tested
Ota yhteyttä myyntiin
Title Installation hole (mm)
EI30ESL1515 150x150
EI30ESL2020 200x200
EI30ESL2030* 200x300
EI30ESL2050* 200x500
EI30ESL2525 250x250
EI30ESL3030 300x300
EI30ESL3050* 300x500
EI30ESL3535* 350x350
EI30ESL4040 400x400
EI30ESL4060*** 400x600
EI30ESL5050 500x500
EI30ESL5555* 550x550
EI30ESL6060*** 600x600
EI30ESL6080*** 600x800
EI30ESL6565*** 650X650

Opening the hatch requires undoing the fasteners, so a plasterboard anchor, concrete screw or concrete anchor is recommended for installation. (ESSVE SAM4 and concrete screw 5*40 mm used in type testing)
The hatches of the EI30ESL series are especially suitable for places where

  • the hinged hatch is not suitable for opening
  • there is little space inside the structure
  • the hatch is not visible

Hatch names and dimensions of the installation opening in order: width x height

The dimension of the installation opening = the nominal dimension of the door

Outside dimension of the cover = nominal dimension of the hatch +50 mm

Air sound insulation of EI30ESL fire shutters tested according to SFS-EN ISO 10140-2

EI30ESL3030 / 300x300 - ≥ 42 dB Dn,e,w[dB]

Type-approved dimensions for installation openings 150x150...550x550 mm

* check the availability
*** check availability + size requires site-specific approval

Special sizes also available.

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