fire-rated inspection hatch EI30, hinged

Type-approved EI30 inspection hatches for horizontal and vertical construction owns durable and finished quality. Thanks to our patented fastening mechanism, the installation of the hatches is really fast and effortless. The installation does not require any studs or frames, and it is possible to install completely without tools.

  • Material hot-dip galvanized steel
  • Powder-coated RAL9010, structure matt white
  • 7 mm triangle lock
  • Special sizes available
  • Special colors available
  • "The Key Flag symbol" (Made in Finland)
  • Thickness only 42 mm from the installation surface
  • Type approval certificate for vertical and horizontal construction
  • Sound insulation (dB) tested
Ota yhteyttä myyntiin
Title Installation hole (mm)
EI30PTL1515 150x150
EI30PTL2020 200x200
EI30PTL2030* 200x300
EI30PTL2040* 200x400
EI30PTL2060* 200x600
EI30PTL2525 250x250
EI30PTL2540* 250x400
EI30PTL3020* 300x200
EI30PTL3030 300x300
EI30PTL3040* 300x400
EI30PTL3050* 300x500
EI30PTL3060* 300x600
EI30PTL4030* 400x300
EI30PTL4040 400x400
EI30PTL4060* 400x600
EI30PTL5050 500x500
EI30PTL5060* 500x600
EI30PTL6040* 600x400
EI30PTL6050* 600x500
EI30PTL6060 600x600

The patented quick fastening mechanism of the EI30PTL-series is designed for double-layered plasterboard (2x12,5 mm), in addition, the frame has holes for screw and nail fastening.

Hatches equipped with different locks are also possible, e.g. 10 mm triangular lock or serializable Abloy CL100.

Names of hatches and installation opening dimensions in order: width x height (hinge on the "height"-side)

The dimension of the installation opening = the nominal dimension of the hatch

Outside dimension of the lid = nominal dimension of the hatch +35 mm

Sound insulation of EI30PTL-hatches are tested and classified Dn,e,w according to ISO 717-1:1996

EI30PTL2020 / 200x200 -> 45 Dn,e,w[dB]

EI30PTL6060 / 600x600 -> 38 Dn,e,w[dB]

*check the availability

Special sizes also available.

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