Bridging the Gap between Stereotypes and Reality

Bridging the Gap between Stereotypes and Reality

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21.05.24 15:15:06

Bridging the Gap between Stereotypes and Reality in Finland

I am an Arab immigrant who has been living in Joensuu for about three years. Until today, I’ve acquired a rich knowledge of different cultural and academic experiences. I’m currently studying Finnish language as a part of the TE-Office’s Training Program for Immigrants.

A mandatory part of this program includes finding an internship place (in-the-job training) independently, which is considered a challenge in a society that’s still warming up to the idea of embracing immigrants.

Coming from a culture known for its warmth and hospitality, I was a bit nervous and anxious about engaging in a new environment, fueled by prevailing stereotypes about Finland.

Fortunately, these concerns disappeared at the first meeting with the company's management team. They were all welcoming, friendly and, moreover, open to other cultures.

I Started My Searching Journey Five Months Earlier

I started my searching journey five months earlier, reaching out to numerous potential employers in Joensuu. The responses were mostly negative or I received no response at all, with only two interview invitations arriving, which highlights the challenges immigrants face. However, I was lucky to get an internship at Kiilax.

Kiilax is known as a domestic, reputable, and innovative construction supply manufacturer, featuring patented products known for their high-quality and quick-installation. The company is also proud of its commitment to environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

As a Marketing Assistant Intern, I worked under the supervision of the Marketing Manager in various tasks, including but not limited to website proofreading, market research, and managing social media platforms.

The Training Proved to Be a Rich Learning Experience

My Finnish language proficiency improved, I gained valuable insights into the construction field and the Kiilax product line, and my limited marketing skills were enhanced under the guidance of the Marketing Manager and the management team.

This experience has been a revelation, uncovering the welcoming and warm side of Finland, a side often overshadowed by misconceptions.

I consistently felt valued, with my ideas and contributions receiving the respect they deserved.

I am grateful for the opportunity and the support Kiilax gave to me during this journey.

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